For 123 years, Pen + Brush has been dedicated to promoting the work of women in the literary and visual arts. The organization’s goal is to activate sustainable, significant careers for talented women artist and writers. To do this, Pen + Brush provides a platform to showcase their work to a broader audience through exhibits, publication, events and advocacy with the ultimate goal of effecting real change within the marketplace. Pen + Brush believes that art and literature created by women deserves to be recognized and valued on its merit – not judged by the gender of the maker.

Through our work, LBR PR has become an extension of the Pen + Brush team – engaging our passion for their mission and our deep knowledge of non-profits to support the organization internally and externally. In addition to developing messaging and collateral, pitching and placing articles in outlets including The New York Times, PBS’s NYC-Arts, Hyperallergic and Publisher’s Weekly, LBR PR has developed and managed an influencer outreach campaign yielding literary and visual arts curators, new board members and corporate and non-profit partnerships. Our work also extends to the facilitation of a strategic plan for the organization and collaboration on the communications, programming, fundraising and advocacy work as Pen + Brush approaches their 125th Anniversary in 2019.

  • Media Training
  • Content Strategy
  • Strategic Partnerships