You love your dog, and hate to see him in pain. Yet you don’t want to head to the vet’s office for hundreds of dollars’ worth of tests that might prove useless. Dr. Mike Petty understands this dilemma. He’s a world-renowned “pain vet,” a practitioner of a relatively new and specific branch of veterinarian medicine, and the author of Dr. Petty’s Pain Relief for Dogs (Countryman Press; February 1, 2016).

Dr. Petty works with cutting-edge research to find the best way to both recognize and relieve your pet’s pain. In the book, he provides dog owners with an invaluable resource that will educate and guide readers in three critical areas: How to determine whether a dog is in pain; how to find a veterinarian capable of treating these pain issues; and what treatments are available, and more importantly which are worth pursuing and which are not.

LBR PR developed a multi-pronged campaign to shine a light on Dr. Petty’s unique expertise and raise his profile among consumers and the go-to source for pain information for your animals. Our work includes local and national media outreach, social media strategy, corporate partnerships and speaking engagements.

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