Our Philosophy

LBR PR is a boutique communications agency focused on helping luxury and consumer lifestyle brands, sophisticated non-profits and business thought leaders tell their stories to key audiences and influencers. We combine high-touch service and impactful results with a transparency and authenticity that is unique to the PR world.

LBR PR develops bespoke campaigns that achieve our client’s individual business goals. Whether it’s heightening brand awareness, increasing donations, driving website traffic, growing market share, selling products and services or developing thought leadership platforms, we are your partner in every sense of the word. Our work is as much about building businesses as it is about promoting them.

We are creative, strategic and nimble. We’re also wildly enthusiastic, energetic and not afraid to tell you what we really think… because we are invested in the success of each and every client.

Your wins are our wins. We believe in you, or we wouldn’t be working together.

Luxury Goods & Services

We understand the luxury marketplace.  What’s more, we know how to craft messages that connect with the wealthy, affluent and aspirational consumer.  Our work in this space is focused on storytelling – highlighting the craftsmanship, provenance and heritage behind a brand in a way that ignites passion amongst key audiences.  By utilizing the media, strategic partnerships, influencer outreach and bespoke events, we help our clients continue to surprise and delight their customers, forging long-term brand loyalty and further cultivating a qualified customer base.

Consumer Lifestyle

The question is simple:  what’s your business goal?  No matter what the industry – beauty and cosmetics, travel and hospitality, clothing and accessories – the competition for consumer dollars and media attention is fierce.  At LBR PR we take a holistic view when it comes to building brand awareness and driving sales and use a concentrated approach to reaching consumers and influencers.  Our experienced team will work closely with you to get under the hood of your business and to develop a plan that will drive sales and raise your company’s profile.


We love helping non-profits translate their mission to key constituents, including the media, donors, board members, staff, volunteers and the community they serve.  At LBR PR, we also specialize in working with charitable organizations to position themselves for maximum impact, based on their strategic goals.  Whether it’s designing and executing a series of luncheon fundraisers, developing the positioning and collateral for a new capital campaign or re-imagining the organization’s entire brand, LBR PR is your brand ambassador and biggest advocate.

Thought Leadership

You can’t go anywhere these days without hearing or reading the term “thought leadership.” But what does it mean? How does it impact your brand and your bottom line? At LBR PR we believe that thought leaders who are experts and innovators in their field should focus on sharing this expertise to help achieve their business goals. By sharing this knowledge across multiple platforms, using coordinated messaging, our clients get more of what they want – clients, partners, industry buzz, you name it – and more opportunities to speak on or write about and their unique POV.